Saturday, June 13, 2009

New Mermaid Painting!

Finally got her finished, I think the detail in the water and other bits mean't this one took a bit longer to complete - I think it took about 3 - 4
hours longer than my usual time.

"Mermaid Sunset"
Acrylic paint on canvas panel

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  1. Oh she's lovely!!! Beautiful job!!

  2. Another lovely piece Susan! Beautiful colours and composition.

  3. she is exquisite Susan, but then again, all your mermaids are.
    Great job too on the water, it looks so realistic! no wonder it took you longer

  4. she's beautiful susan!! she is glowing!

  5. I am adding your blog to my blog roll on Please visit!
    My students will enjoy your work.

  6. I may have missed a post on this, but what inspired you to focus on mermaids and fairies and other "fantasy creatures"? By the way, did you ever read The Sea Fairies by L. Frank Baum? You might love it.

  7. Hi Kate, my answer to your question is probably not a simple one. A lot of my inspiration comes from nature as well as what is beyond the 5 senses what you can pick up on when you still the mind and allow parts of the mind, like the unconscious mind to filter forward. I believe in multidimensional reality, ie, that the material sphere of existence is not the only thing that is real, our perceptions are limited by the fact that we are in physical form. I go into it more on my website if you look under "About the Artist" section I talk about how I am influenced by nature and mythology,dreams and the unseen etc. Fantasy is a word used for convenience and search engines but when it comes down to it, the veil between real and unreal is not as great as we may think.

  8. How beautiful! I love your mermaid.
    I love the name, too. Mermaid sunset!