Monday, February 23, 2009

I think I forgot to mention...

That back in Octorber last year, I opened up a new online store at I thought I would trial this new one out to see how I like it.

They were in beta testing so there were some some glitches being worked out and still are a few, but each week they are adding more and more new features and improving the site and so far I am really liking what I see there.

What I really like about Artfire as a selling and buying venue is that you can shop in your own currency and if you are selling there you add your items also in your own currency, the site automatically updates to your own IP address so if you are in Australia the currency will show up in AUDollars which I thought was pretty cool, especially for us Aussie sellers of for anyone outside of the US who is used to selling/buying on ETSY and seeing everything in US dollars. Dont get me wrong I still LOVE ETSY. Its just so cozy there and everything flows so well.

However, I recommend Artfire if you are thinking of selling online and especially if you like shopping in your own currency and there is another new feature I read that they are working on is that anyone can purchase from the site you dont need to open up an account which I think is a clever feature and will make it so much easier for buyers,also with the ability to shop in your own currency it makes it a lot easier than having to use a currency converter all the time!

Here is my shop at Artfire if you would like to take a peek!


Checking my emails this morning while waking up with my lovely cup of coffee (mmmm coffee) and was notified that my 'Crystal Water Sprite' print was added to this Treasury on etsy today!


Thursday, February 19, 2009

New Prints at my ETSY shop.

Things have felt sooo busy lately, I felt like I have'nt posted in a while, but I have been keeping updated with most of the posts here.

Is it just me but the days this month have really felt like a blur, seems to be going quite fast.

This month has been a little testing for me, so I'll be happy to see the end of Feb and start March with a fresher feeling.

Those of you into astrology ( I had some rough transits) Chiron square Venus (not fun) believe me, but trying to integrate these life lessons as best I can.

Anyway, just wanted to update that I have some new prints of my recent painting
'The Lotus Pond Fairy' at my etsy store as well as some of my works from 2008. To visit my store:

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

New Fairy Painting!

This is my first painting for 2009.

Title: "The Lotus Pond Fairy"

Medium: Acrylic paint on canvas panel
Size: 15" x 18"

I was recently headed back home after my late afternoon walk and spotted an amazing pink lotus flower right next door to my place.

About a month earlier I noticed that my neighbour had a couple of strange looking pots filled with water and greenery in them, I had no idea that she was growing this gorgeous lotus and as I had never seen a real life lotus before, I found it so beautiful to look at.
So I took a few pictures which partly inspired this artwork. As the painting came together I felt like it had a symbolic meaning also.

"A storm has passed and just as the sun is making its way through receding clouds, the fairy that lives at the lotus pond is free to emerge and enjoy the beautiful pond again "

----> To view larger images of the painting click link below to view at my artwanted portfolio