Saturday, July 4, 2009

Popping in :)

Where have I been? I have been wondering to myself of late.

After the last few weeks of almost full time hours at my office job having some time off for more than a week feels like pure joy & freedom!

I'm hoping the next 10 days will be a combination of major relaxation time and painting! I'm looking forward to catching up on all things art related that I haven't been able to attend to or follow up on etc etc and I plan to start a new painting too. So we'll see.

Also some other news, very exciting.... finally the release of The Magical Times Magazine, the issue featuring some of my paintings! YAY!

You can purchase a copy via their website here, its the one with Linda Ravencroft's art on the cover.


  1. I need not tell you how much I like your work--it's been a pleasure following your paintings these past few years. Congrats on the publication of your work in The Magical Times Magazine! That's wonderful.

  2. Hi Lisa, as someone that has admired your work for some time now both online and through the incredible tarot card deck that my partner owns that features your art, it is really humbling for me to hear that from someone with your level of skill & talent, so thank you so much. :)

  3. Just saying hello, from one australian artist to another,,,