Wednesday, February 3, 2010

First Painting of 2010 - Queen Of The Tides.

I finally got her finished today!

I have titled her "Queen Of The Tides"

Acrylic on canvas panel.

Size: 14" x 18"

Prints and other goodies will be available from my Zazzle store soon.

CLICK on the image to see a lot more detail!


  1. She's beautiful. I love how the dress blends with the water.

  2. darling!
    i must say you are incredibly talented!
    your illustrated babes are the best!
    i am immensely impressed!
    x x

  3. I love your Queen of the Tides, she is just beautiful! I love the colors and the expression.

  4. Hi Mickie, thank you and thanks for visiting my blog.