Monday, March 16, 2009


I had such a nice day today. Anthony & I both had the day off, and since we had no plans and it was such a lovely perfectly sunny day we had to get out and about, so we decided to walk into town.

We were trying to work out we could do that wouldn't see us spending too much, as we have noticed living in inner Sydney you can step out your front door and before you know it you have spent $50. Anyway, we decided to go to the Art Gallery Of NSW (which is the largest art gallery in Sydney).

 We were so glad we did, we saw the Art Express exhibition and wandered around looking at 20th century Australian art, and analysing different pieces - we had fun doing that. 

Then stopped for a coffee at the gallery cafe. After the gallery we went for a walk around the Botanic Gardens, there is so much greenery around that whole area which is huge so many different, flowers, plants, gorgeous morton bay fig trees (huge trees) and the water looked so divine I just wanted to jump into the sea, but of course I didn't. The light of the sun sparkling a long the surface of the harbour was truly magical.

I took a few photos on my camera phone, they didn't turn out that clear, it was so bright and sunny out so they are a bit glary.
Anthony took this one of me next to some bright red flowers that I thought were really pretty. In this pic you can actually see in the top right (its rather faint) Sydney Harbour Bridge.

After 3 hours of pretty much non stop walking we decided to head home. I feel I absorbed lots of inspiration for new art, thought its all swimming about in my subconscious at the moment. Hopefully I can get some sketches down by the end of this week some time.


  1. you look so pretty in the pic susan , sounds like a wonderful day!! and still looks very warm in sydney :)
    today it felt like spring here too :)

    Art galleries can definitely inspire :)

  2. just discovered your lovely blog on an etsy forum thread - guess this makes me your newest follower! come on over and visit me sometime:

  3. very nice pic! I wish i could get my Bf out and about like that...